Flamenco Sketches

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Music (Horn Solo) – Miles Davis
Lyrics – Laurie Antonioli


Spread wings
You take me on journey
Beyond the azure
And sapphire seas

In the breeze I lie
As you’re tracing lightly on my thighs a song
Of long ago
When señoritas behind their veils
Knew you well

When evenings lit by flames
And perfume of sweet wine
Took in your pain
And made it divine
I sleep beneath your breath
And dream the dancing
Shadows we cast

Castanets echo in your past

It’s calling
This serenade
All around me now
I see you somehow standing proud
And saying I love you
Out loud
And singing a whispered melody
For me to hear

Spinning slowly cross the floor
We’re dancing
We’re passing through the crowd
Like knives
To the air outside
To cool this night
That we began
A lifetime or so ago.